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Marley & Me (2008)
Director: David Frankel
Fox 2000 Pictures // 25 December 2008 (U.S.)

Writing Credits
Scott Frank and Don Roos (screenplay)
John Grogan (book)

Executive Producers
Joseph M. Caracciolo Jr.  
Arnon Milchan

Gil Netter
Karen Rosenfelt

Starring Owen Wilson, Jennifer Anniston, Eric Dane, Alan Arkin, Kathleen Turner, Nathan Gamble, Haley Bennett

Associate Producer Ani Williams
Cinematography by Florian Ballhaus  
Film Editing by Mark Livolsi  
Casting By Margery Simkin  
Production Design by Stuart Wurtzel  
Art Direction by W. Steven Graham  
Set Decoration by Hilton Rosemarin  
Costume Design by Cindy Evans  

After their wedding, newspaper writers John and Jennifer Grogan move to Florida. In an attempt to stall Jennifer's "biological clock", John gives her a puppy. While the puppy Marley grows into a 100 pound dog, he loses none of his puppy energy or rambunctiousness. Meanwhile, Marley gains no self-discipline. Marley's antics give John rich material for his newspaper column. As the Grogans mature and have children of their own, Marley continues to test everyone's patience by acting like the world's most impulsive dog.


Lakeshore Records (LKS-34053)
Regular release / Original Score
Total Time: 39:48

Music Composed by Theodore Shapiro
Additional Music by Ludwig Göransson
Orchestrated and Conducted by Pete Anthony
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Fogel
Assistant Music Engineers: Paul Lamalfa, Kevin Mills
Score Recordists: Bryan Carrigan, Tim Lauber
Recorded at Newman Scoring Stage, 20th Century Fox
Mixed at Hyperion Sound
Orchestra Contractor Sandy DeCrescent, Peter Rotter
Choir Contractor: Jasper Randall
Music Editors: Dan DiPrima, Thomas S. Drescher
Music Preparation: Victor Pessavento
Executive in Charge for 20th Century Fox: Robert Kraft

1. Parents of Two (1:49)
2. Off and Running (0:51)
3. The Hardest Job (1:33)
4. Walking the Plank (1:30)
5. Obedience School (1:19)
6. Leg Love (1:05)
7. Two Year Montage (3:23)
8. Moving to Boca (1:53)
9. First Sleepless Night (2:05)
10. When It's Time (1:10)
11. Off to Ireland (1:53)
12. Dog Farm (1:19)

13. Boy and Dog (1:00)
14. Lost in the Rain (0:43) 
15. Employed (1:07)
16. All Good Dogs (0:55)
17. Evil with a Dog Face (0:45)
18. Labor Pains (1:18)
19. No Regular Dog (1:27)
20. Snow (1:03)
21. Jen Says Goodbye (1:50)
22. It All Runs Together (4:03)
23. Heading Home (2:15)
24. Marley & Me (3:32)

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Theodore Shapiro scores "Marley and me"


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