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Dinner for Schmucks   (2010)
Director: Jay Roach
Paramount Pictures / DreamWorks SKG // 30 July 2010 (U.S.)

Writing Credits  
David Guion, Michael Handelman (screenplay)
Francis Veber (film "Le Diner de Cons")

Executive Producer
Gary Barber, Sacha Baron Cohen, Roger Birnbaum,
Jon Poll, Amy Sayres, Francis Veber

Laurie MacDonald
Walter F. Parkes
Jay Roach

Starring Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis, Bruce Greenwood, Ron Livingstone, Jemaine Clement

Cinematography by Jim Denault
Film Editing by Alan Baumharten, Jon Poll
Casting By Jeanne McCarthy
Production Design by Michael Corenblith
Art Direction by Christopher Burian-Moh, Lauren E. Polizzi
Set Decoration by Susan Benjamin
Costume Design by Mary E. Vogt

Tim (Rudd) is a rising executive who "succeeds" in finding the perfect guest, IRS employee Barry (Carell), for his boss's monthly event, a so-called "dinner for idiots," which offers certain advantages to the exec who shows up with the biggest buffoon.


Lakeshore Records (LKSO34183)
Regular release / Original Score
Total Time: 42:09

 Music Composed by Theodore Shapiro
Conducted by Pete Anthony
Orchestrated by Pete Anthony, Randy Kerber, Jon Kull, James Honeymann
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Fogel
Recorded at Newman Scoring Stage, 20th Century Fox
Orchestra Contractor Sandy DeCrescent, Peter Rotter
Music Editor Thomas Drescher
Music Produced by Theodore Shapiro

"Dear Laughing Doubters"
Performed by Sondre Lerche
Composed by Theodore Shapiro, Sondre Lerche

 1. Prelude To A Schmuck ... (0:53)
2. Dear Laughing Doubters – Sondre Lerche (2:47)
3. The Collectors Club (0:50)
4. Back Spasms (2:16)
5. Booty Parade (0:44)
6. Mousterpieces (1:35)
7. Cat Burglars (3:11)
8. Go Get ‘Em (0:27)
9. Darla Arrives (1:58)
10. Penguin And Possum (1:42)
11. Barry’s Photos (0:50)
12. Where Are They Now? (1:49)

13. Switched Phones (0:53)
14. Don’t Stop Asking (1:26)
15. Already Cramped (0:38)
16. Four Wet Feet (1:15)
17. Mouse World (2:28)
18. The Naughty Purse (3:18)
19. Tim Confesses (2:10)
20. Brain Control (3:06)
21. Mein Finger! (2:49)
22. I Am A Goat (0:54)
23. Tower Of Dreamers (4:10)

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