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Idiocracy   (2006)
Director: Mike Judge
20th Century Fox // 1 September 2006 (U.S.)

Writing Credits    
Mike Judge, Etan Cohen (screenplay) 
Mike Judge (story)

Executive Producer
Michael Nelson

Elysa Koplovitz Dutton
Mike Judge

Starring Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, Dax Shepard, Terry Crews, David Herman, Anthony Campos, Sony Castillo 

Postproduction Supervisor Jeffrey Harlacker, David McKimmie
Unit Production Manager Michael Nelson
Cinematography by Tim Suhrstedt
Film Editing by David Rennie
Casting By Mary Vernieu
Production Design Darren Gilford
Art Direction by William Ladd Skinner
Set Decoration Ronald R. Reiss
Costume Design by Debra McGuire


Music Composed by Theodore Shapiro
Orchestated by Stuart Michael Thomas, Chris P. Bacon
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Fogel
Music Editor John Finklea, Julie Pearce
Music Preparation Robert Puff
Music Produced by Theodore Shapiro


Officer Collins has been spearheading one of the US Army's most secretive experiments to date: the Human Hibernation Project. If successful, the project would store its' subjects indefinitely until they are needed most. Their first test subject - Joe Bowers - was not chosen for his superiority. Instead, he's chosen because he's the most average guy in the armed services. But scandal erupts after the experiment takes place, the base is closed, and the president disavows any knowledge of the project. Unfortunately Joe doesn't wake up in a year, he wakes up in 500 years! But during that time human evolution has taken a dramatic down turn. After waking up, Joe takes a prison-assigned IQ test and finds that he's the smartest guy alive! Awaiting a full presidential pardon if he can solve one of the country's biggest problems - the dwindling plant population, Joe races against time to solve this problem. But in doing so he alienates half the country in the process! Can he make things right...




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